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/_uploads/images/IMG_1473.jpgOur customers want innovative products, made with quality ingredients, supplied on time, at great pricing. Our diversified, highly skilled Procurement team is critical to our value chain. They use strong analytical and strategic thinking skills, when working with their extensive network of qualified suppliers, to fairly negotiate the best outcome on behalf of our customers. 

Accurate customer forecasts are integral to supply chain attainment targets. Our Procurement group manages over 250 ingredients with lead times ranging from weeks to annual timing. Our Procurement group is intertwined with all areas of operations to ensure short and long range demand visibility resulting in the right ingredient on site, at the right time. We are proud of the success stemming from this cross-functional teamwork.

These sourcing experts work in tandem with our Nutrition and Product Development team to deliver on innovation. We focus on local ingredients as much as possible, and from there go worldwide directly to the source. Over many years we have cultivated valuable supply partnerships, with vendors around the globe. Our investment in supplier relationships allows us to purchase cost effectively and endeavour to custom adapt ingredients to suit specific customer needs.

At Elmira Pet Products we believe in celebrating excellence via our Vendor Recognition Program. We applaud top tier long-term partners and also actively support newer suppliers as they integrate into our systems. We believe that the strongest partnerships are dependent on common goals and a shared passion for the end result of customer satisfaction.

We truly appreciate our supplier partners and look forward to continuing the journey of success. 

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