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Elmira Pet Products is devoted to the welfare of our planet.  We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and are consistently taking steps to reduce waste and minimize our ecological footprint. Elmira Pet Products has made the following successes possible.


  • Advanced water recycling system enables boilers to draw from pre-heated recycled water, allowing for daily energy savings equivalent to heating a typical backyard swimming pool.
  • Solar panels on the roof of the shipping warehouse allow for 500kW DC generating capacity.
  • Equipment upgrades including new electrical transformers, motor speed control devices, etc.
  • Continuous transition to LED lights including $30,000 in exterior lighting and $154,000 in LED fixtures installed during our most recent expansion.
  • Energy efficient projects installed throughout 2016 including recovery and re-use of product cooler exhaust air, insulation of our packaging warehouse, boiler controls integration and steam piping insulation were noted by local gas utility as annually avoiding 244,000m3 gas consumption and reducing CO2 by 458 tonnes.

  • Our water recycling system saves 40m3 of water per day.
  • $400,000 invested in a waste water pre-treatmentsystem to improve the quality of our waste water.
  • Recycled potable water is used in concert with water-efficient pressure washers for sanitation processes throughout facility.

  • All of the shrouds we use are recyclable and are made of 100% recycled material.
  • All of the over 170,400 pallet pads we use each year contain recycled material and themselves are 100% recyclable.
  • All cardboard used in the facility is recycled.
  • Skids are used multiple times and returned to supplier after each rental for inspection and repair where broken or damaged components are recycled rather than sent to landfill. As skids break they are repaired using suitable boards from other broken skids.
  • For CHEP skids, when using new material, only lumber from tree farms which are a responsible and sustainable source of timber are used.
  • Paper and plastic/metal recycling bins are available throughout the office and lunchroom areas.
  • Working with 3rd party recycling facility allows us to recycle non-typical items including earplugs, nitrile/latex gloves, hair/beard nets, dust masks and broken safety glasses.

  • Our upgraded odour abatement system includes high-efficiency cyclones and horizontal wet scrubbers which incorporate a series of treated water spray nozzles and mist eliminating baffles to capture particulate in exhaust air.
  • Neutralizing spray is used in exhaust stack to further reduce odour.
  • Our plant expansion includes a dedicated and further modernized odour abatement system and exhaust stack.

To view the most recent TRA report feel free to click the following link: Elmira Pet Products 2017 TRA Public Report

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