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Our team focuses on top quality ingredients, supplied by recognized manufacturers and distributors, at competitive pricing.  

Our highly skilled and experienced Procurement team is critical to our value chain.
Relationships and strategic partnerships with our suppliers are what make us strong in our supply chain, and allow us to negotiate competitive contracts on behalf of our customers.

Customer forecasts are paramount to our supply chain coverage.  We stock and manage over 250 ingredients with lead times ranging from days to months.  Our Procurement group works alongside scheduling and operations to ensure short and long range demand visibility is covered.  We are proud of the success stemming from this cross-functional teamwork.

These sourcing experts work in tandem with our Nutrition and Product Development team to deliver on innovation. We focus on local ingredients as much as possible, and then go worldwide to source.  Over the years we have developed valuable supply partnerships with vendors around the globe. These relationships allow us direct intel on markets and market situations, large volume purchases direct from plants, competitive pricing, and the ability to work with our suppliers to create ingredients to suit specific customer needs. 

We applaud top tier long-term partners and continuously support new suppliers as they integrate into our systems. We believe that the strongest partnerships are dependent on common goals, a shared passion of customer satisfaction and top quality Pet Food. 

We truly appreciate our supply partners and look forward to continuing the journey of success.
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