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Mixing Plant

/_uploads/images/Ingredient_Warehouse_Edited.jpgThe manufacturing process begins at our Mixing Plant (dry mix operation) with quality approved ingredients and stringent procedures.  Our facility was expanded and refurbished in late 2014, highlighted with a 13,000 sq. ft. centrally located dedicated ingredient warehouse and receiving area. We added 18 dry ingredient silos bringing our total to over 100.  New hammer mills were installed to further improve grind which supports processing and aids with nutrient absorption and palatability.  Material handling was maximized with updated equipment and support systems and proprietary software was installed for increased automation and tracking. /_uploads/images/Mixing_Plant_top_edited.jpg

This expansion plan took a year to fully integrate. All of the planning, hard work and diligence netted great results. This includes enhanced food safety, which is integral to all facets of our operations.  The dedicated ingredient warehouse means less handling of material which translates to less food safety and security risk. The new and refurbished areas are designed with more space flexibility to support ease of sanitation and cleaning. At Elmira Pet Products we firmly believe that food safety is an evolution and, as ever, we remain committed to the journey.                                


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