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/_uploads/images/Elmira_Pet_Product_Logistics_Truck_.jpgElmira Pet Products is the largest private label dry pet food manufacturer in Canada and ships to over 35 countries around the world. We are responsible for shipping an immenseamount of pet food to locations all around the world, every single day. To ensure each order arrives on time and in full, our customers rely on the professional experience in supply chain management and integrated logistics that we provide. In-house management and operational know-how includes years of proficiency with domestic and international shipments and the regulatory bodies that govern them. Our logistics team has the tenure and the experience to provide consistent, exceptional service. 

Our team utilises an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning system to manage a first-in-first-out stock rotation, ensuring fresh product consistently lands in the hands of our customers each and every order.

Our logistics team is dedicated to following through with the small details to ensure complete and on time shipments. The flexibility of our processes allows us to provide custom shipping solutions as required for customers with specialised needs.

Our +100,000 sq.ft warehouse, located 5 minutes from our manufacturing facility, enables us to consistently manage and serve customers with ease. Our many years of experience help us deliver unique solutions to help drive growth for  global partners. 



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