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At Elmira Pet Products, we have almost 40 years of experience extruding quality dry dog and cat food. The process of extrusion is intricate, especially when running complex diets. Extrusion becomes an “art” to ensure that consistent product is manufactured, to quality standard, run after run.  Our extrusion department operators work as a team to provide premium products day in and day out.  Elmira Pet Products operates five extrusion systems and is capable of manufacturing a wide variety of products. Every customer has unique requirements and we excel at being flexible and accommodating. The ability for our extrusion operators to exercise the flexibility of our systems to manufacture a vast array of foods highlights the knowledge and skills of our expert team.

/_uploads/images/Extruder_5.jpgThe ever changing industry and trends towards more premium formulations bring new opportunities for learning.  Training and commitment to quality play a pivotal role as operators produce the highest quality pet food in a safe and efficient manner.


As we bring on new extruder operators, we enrol them in a job shadow program for their first six months, following the lead of our senior extruder operators. A support staff of fellow peers, quality assurance staff and forepersons monitor and mentor new hires to ensure quality standards are never jeopardized during training.  At Elmira Pet Products, training is an ongoing process for both new and experienced operators as we constantly evolve to troubleshoot and master innovative procedures and more complicated formulas.


While crafting pet food in our production kitchens, extruder operators are required to abide by a strict set of product specifications and standard operating procedures, developed with the assistance of a lab data program.  Operators are required to keep detailed documentation of all formulas produced, ensuring quality standards meet specification and food safety is never compromised.

Our extrusion operators leverage their experience to connect innovation, quality and value with pet food.

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