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About Us

Mission Statement

Connecting innovation, quality and value with pet food.


Operating Values

Do the right thing.
Ask, what can “I do to help” our customer, my team, the company?

Make decisions and be accountable
What decisions can “I make today” to move EPP ahead?

Continuous Innovation and Process Improvement.
What ideas do “I suggest today” to help achieve continuous innovation and process improvement? 

Elmira Pet Products, the largest Canadian Private Label dry pet food manufacturer, delivers unique solutions driving growth for global partners. We have almost 40 years of experience producing a full range of products including therapeutic diets (vet channel), holistic, premium, mid-range and price sensitive formulations. Our customer base is diverse. We produce well-known brands for mass merchandise, grocery and the pet specialty channels. Our expertise also allows us to manufacture unique diets for distribution to niche markets.

Why is Elmira Pet Products such a success story?
  1. We truly listen to our customers and focus on manufacturing nutritionally sound diets, with excellent palatability.
  2. We believe in partnerships. We support our customers and they support us. At Elmira Pet Products relationships are key.
  3. Our skilled staff are truly the backbone of our success.  Working in a non-unionized environment, our teams combine their expertise and commitment to high quality standards to produce premier pet food products.
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